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With more than 20 years of experience as a painter he starts this new small project of illustrations and paintings related to animation, fantasy and science fiction cinema. It offers ink and watercolor hand-painted illustrations and reproductions of storyboards and images from his most beloved films, including Studio Ghibli, Lord of the Rings, etc. Also includes oriental style paintings and watercolors with customary themes, portraits, rural landscapes, etc.

Adan J. Cespedes was born in Almeria in 1975. From a very young age, his interest in art grew through the passion and family collection of paintings with pieces by some of the Great Spanish Masters of the 19th century or oriental sculptures among other pieces. .

He studied works by renowned artists, especially influenced by compositions, ways of staining and oriental and traditional themes represented in pieces by Masters such as José Jiménez Aranda, Mariano Fortuny, Francisco Pradilla, José Benlliure, Villegas y Cordero, and of course the naturalness and light in the work of Joaquin Sorolla.

Of totally self-taught learning, and aptitudes for drawing and the plastic arts from a very early age, his artistic evolution was marked by the influence of Japanese illustration and classic or 80s cinema, which prompted him to use painting techniques. drawing with nibs and inks, oils and acrylics, in the reproduction of works, among others, by the illustrator Drew Struzan or the Japanese anime genius Hayao Miyazaki.

Despite the difficulty of the challenge, during the 2000s, in the search for his own style and with the focus on the ease, themes and quality of the great classics or the master watercolorist from Almería himself, Julio Visconti, he began the use of watercolor painting techniques with which he discovers new and surprising shades of color and transparency, and with which he can achieve more impulsive and fresh results.

In recent years, with the support and essential help of his family and professional advice, he has reached high levels of quality, as well as a clear differentiation from most watercolor artists on the current artistic scene, through his own style in pieces of figurative art and portraits.

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